“Their cocktails are as great as their wine collection. They have yummy fish dishes, but you have to try their famous steak. Desserts are as good as everything else. Crème Brule is one of the best I have ever eaten, thick and consistent. “

“This incredible Argentinian restaurant is right in the heart of the 6th avenue dining district. Garage doors roll up and open the restaurant to fresh air and happy hour seekers during the day and at night the dim lighting creates a very intimate, romantic and rustic feel. The smell of smoke wafting in the air as they slow grill meats over mesquite wood is part of the ambience. They offer lunch, a phenomenal happy hour (all their bar menu food items are 50% off), and of course, dinner. Although Argentinians are most well known for their grilled meat, they also make incredible pasta and have amazing seafood dishes like the Asado seared sea bass with piquillo beurre blanc. Don’t miss the ceviche, empanadas, or queso frito on the starters menu, either. This is a great place to come with a group and share the food family style so you can try a bit of everything!”

“Asado vs. Marrow Kitchen + Bar

Tacoma is Asado, and the Commonwealth of X Group. Tacoma is Marrow, and the Republic of Jones. At 62.34 square miles, Tacoma is hardly big enough for the both gourmet burgers, and that includes Saturday night in the Second Round. Asado vs. Marrow. Few sentences in Tournament of Burgers come with more buzz, especially in March. A half-hour after No. 1 seed Asado beat No. 8 seed Marrow by two points, Asado co-owner John Xitco stepped into the entrance of Asado. Chefs were texting family members, conducting interviews and watching themselves on YouTube when the familiar voice of Xitco cut through the joyous din. "You guys have a hell of burger," Xitco probably said, pausing for a moment. "You just beat the best. You should be proud." This game will be the enduring legacy of the Tournament of Burgers, etched in the record books as Asado 50.42%, Marrow 49.58%. Epic.”